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"I pay attention."

- Dakota Lee Stroud


A multi-hyphenate with eye that's been called "outside of the scope of normality", Dakota is a visual powerhouse. Her moody and textural storytelling has lent itself to a client roster that values complete aesthetic immersion and a soulful narrative that clearly places the viewer in her world. Her visual art and photo stories are a seamless feat that bring humanity to brands dedicated to building an impeccable vision. Dakota's work has landed her features in Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, NBC News, and Vice News.

Dakota has traveled to the scorching desert where she photographed nude bodies dripping in paint, produced a floral-drenched event at the Chateau Marmont, dj-ed with Epic Records at the Sonos Penthouse in West Hollywood, and captured self-portraits and still life stories at various boutique hotels around America. When she's not working, she's walking her rescue chihuahua, Troll, around East Los Angeles. Her heart lies in capturing the authentic narratives of those who are building, creating, and walking their own truth.

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