2020 has been a year of deconstructing, throwing plans out the window, and diving into the depths of uncertainty. Unlearning. Relearning. Striving to digest and process with no map and no formula. As someone who finds great comfort in controlled environments, in the familiar, this uncharted territory has been a time of breaking open and letting go.


This eBook is my uncensored photo + thought journal in hopes that it allows us to connect during a time of necessary (but painful, at times) distance. It is visceral. Nostalgic. Weird. Honest. Vulnerable. Unedited and entirely imperfect. It isn't linear, cleaned up or overanalyzed, which feels suitable for such a strange year.


I hope this brings you a sense of connection, belonging, and creative inspiration on your journey.




Aesthetic Apocalypse: Uncensored Nostalgia [eBook PDF]

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