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about the workshops...

Self-Portraiture as Meditation workshops are a deep dive into our body stories — old labels and identities that no longer serve us — calling out the fears — allowing art to hold space for these complexities. 


Our bodies are always communicating with us. 

And the question is not only are we listening, 

but are we allowing them to use this voice?


During our time together, the root of what we are working on is connecting to ourselves on a deeper level, from the inside out. Creating a vocabulary for our skin suits. 


We also cover tips and tricks for editing, lighting, composition, styling and more. 


Through prompts and discussions, you will begin the journey of figuring out what it looks like to tell your own unique story, starting with documenting yourself in an honest way. 


My favorite thing about these workshops is the community. Each attendee has an opportunity to be seen and heard in a safe space, as well as being added to a private group afterward where we will share prompts, challenges, photos for inspiration and keep the dialogue going (photos + reviews from past attendees below).

Stay tuned for the next workshop coming soon.

Also booking private virtual Self-Portrait as Meditation Sessions. Inquire for more info.


"I’ve always been struck by Dakota’s vulnerability (in her work and in her life) so it was a special treat to hear more about how she applies that honesty to her photography. Our self portrait workshop was intimate but not intimidating and the prompts were manageable but still challenging. I came away feeling more creative and powerful. 


The workshop also gave me the courage/confidence/permission I needed to follow through and not listen to the voices that said, “You don’t know what you’re doing.”


"This is one of the best things I've done for myself. Dakota opened up a whole new world for me that joined my love for photography and my ongoing journey with self acceptance. I am forever grateful for her guidance, wisdom, and compassion.


Thank you, Dakota, for creating a safe space for all! Also, I've met some badass people through these workshops!"


"I totally had no idea what I was in for. I found myself tearing up while listening to other women talk about where they are at in their body stories. I immediately felt so comfortable with the group and felt so connected to myself."


"Working with Dakota is one of the most honest,empowering, vulnerable, sexy, badass experiences one could endure. She creates this beautiful safe space that then turns into a community of love and support.


Dakota is inspiring and insightful, she helps me get to know myself the ways I needed to. Her spirit is beautiful and you will always walk away with an increased value for yourself and the tenderness to allow yourself your grow and develop. It’s a magical experience."



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